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Cognitive skills, how cyberathletes train them and why


The speed of information processing is one of the most important components of the cognitive process, a key element for learning, thinking, overall intellect development and gaining experience.

The higher the speed of information processing, the better it manifests itself in thinking and learning processes.

The key to information processing speed development is to strengthen the neural connections of the brain which results in a higher transmission speed of brain signals. Exercises to improve the information processing speed of the brain can be taken at any age.

Brain structure and function can change due to its flexibility. The brain can improve its functionality by creating new neural networks.

That is the reason why cyberathletes improve their cognitive skills with special techniques and simulators. In a recent article, we explained what cognitive skills are and how to develop them for cyberathletes and in this article we will explain how to develop them.

We talked to former CS:GO player Sergey "Keshandr" Nikishin from Vega Squadron and asked questions on how he trains his cognitive skills. His recommendations can be found below.

  • Training is individually decided for everyone. He advises to train on or aim_botz and training_aim_csgo maps.
  • The help of a psychologist may prove helpful at certain points. In addition to training, you should have a proper rest.
  • Excluding clan wars and official games, training duration is decided individually, for one training may take only 30 minutes and for another as long as 5 hours.
  • Regular practices develop the player's skills that will be used in the match: the speed of decision making, shooting accuracy and reaction.

There are many different methods to train important skills but the most important part is order. It is crucial to train mental processes sequentially, it is necessary to make the body act on reflexes, reducing the load on the body during competitions.

Great training apps are available on click-storm.

The first stage is an explanatory one, it is necessary to train the perception of time, short-and long-term memory, understanding, imagination and intuition and also have the motivation to achieve success.

In the second stage, it is necessary to develop analysis and calculated decision-making skills. For this, it is important to improve speed, accuracy, flexibility, critical thinking, memory, emotions.

The third stage is the execution of a decision. This will depend on the development level of reaction speed, attention and reflexes.

To train individual abilities there are certain exercises which are important to perform consistently and with a large number of repetitions. It is scientifically proven that the more we train one ability or skill, the stronger the connections between neurons in the brain become. This positively affects cognitive skills.