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Cognitive skills and esports


Cognitive skills are superior functions of our brain that make us human beings: mindset, spatial orientation, understanding, calculation, communication, and decision making.

But what is most important for both esportsmen and sportsmen, in general, is not the speed in the physical aspect, but the speed in making a decision.

Right decision making includes:

  • Thinking is the process of reflection of reality in perception, reason, and notions.
  • Spatial orientation is one of the most complex psychological systems consisting, thinking, and imagination.
  • Calculation is a process that transforms one or more inputs into one or more results.
  • Understanding is a universal operation connected with adopting new content and including it into an established system of ideas and images.

Detrimental factors for our cognitive skills

Among external factors for esportsmen are stress, unhealthy diet and physical stress for sportsmen.

Reduced blood circulation, insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain and harmful free radicals that cause enormous damage to brain cells are the internal factors that are true for both types of sportsmen.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the more we exercise our skills, the stronger the neural connections in the brain are which in turn it has a positive impact on our cognition cognitive ability.

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