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Strategy Examples in Click-Storm Action Chess. Part 4


In this topic, we will consider the most exciting part of chess - combinations.

Consider the most common combination in Click-Storm Action Chess - an attack of a bishop and a knight to take two pawns at the edge of the board:

It is obvious (even without the sparkling red arrows) that White threatens to take two pawns on the right side of the board with a bishop and a knight:

In this position, the combination does not work yet. Black can take the knight with a bishop, winning a piece. For the combination to work, White must play like this:

Really important pawn move

Now, when Black takes the knight with the bishop, the following happens:

Now it should be obvious why we moved the pawn. Without this, the white bishop would be lost.

But the combination is not over yet. Next, we take the black pawn to f5.

To summarize - for the combination to be successful, you need:

  • Two pieces to attack two opposing pieces simultaneously.
  • A pawn that can be played forward to protect the pieces participating in the combination.

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