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Strategy Examples in Storm Chess. Part 1


In this series, we will be exploring various combinations in Click-Storm Chess. These guides will help you find solutions in seemingly hopeless situations during chess battles.

Let's start with the first case:

In this situation, Black is likely to play the queen on c4. When the queen moves in the c4 direction, White plays the pawn on a4. It will turn out as in the picture below:

Black cannot take the pawn on a4, because if they do, then White will take the unprotected queen. Now White can win the queen by taking the pawn on b5 and the queen at the same time:

Pretty simple, right? Yes, but it’s very difficult to do the trick during a real game, and it’s hard not to fall into the trap yourself (moving the queen seemed like a very good move for Black). In most cases, it does not occur to anyone that by sacrificing a pawn, you can win a piece.

Strategy Examples in Click-Storm Action Chess. Part 2

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