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Strategy Examples in Click-Storm Action Chess. Part 2


Let's analyze three endgames - the first two are quite simple, the third is more complicated.

  • King + knight+ pawn against the king

If a lone king cannot stand in front of a pawn, then the game is over. But even if the king can stand in front of it, the position is still easily won.

Try to eat the knight with the king, and then go forward with your king to protect the knight.

Move the knight aside and advance the pawn. Then simply repeat the process until you have a new queen.

  • King + bishop+ knight versus king

Everything is simple here. First, place the bishop, knight, and king as here. If you reach such a position with a black king at the edge of the board - this is a victory.

Next, let the knight try to take the king, forcing him to retreat to the previous horizontal.

Now the white king also descends to the horizontal below, and White achieves a position similar to the starting one, forcing the black king to retreat still to the horizontal.

  • King + 2 knights against the king

This checkmate is the hardest to put. Depending on the location of the black king, the matte situation may simply not be reached before the time allotted for the implementation to expire and the game will automatically end in a draw.

This is the position you need to create:

The black king has only one field for retreat, so as not to retreat to the edge of the board. Therefore, the first step here is an attempt to eat the king.

The white king should stay opposite the black king to prevent him from rising to the third row, so the knight a3 must protect the knight d2:

Then the knight d2 goes to b3, and the knight c4 goes to attack the black king, so the following steps must be done:

And we got the starting position, only the black king was one field closer to the side edge of the board. After the next three repetitions of this procedure, the black king will be forced to retreat to the last horizontal. Finally, repeat this procedure to push the king into a corner.

There is a faster and riskier tactic that you can use:

Immediately after the white ones try to eat the king with a horse, the white king moves towards the black king. Of course, this is risky, but this is the only way to avoid a draw if the black king is far from the corner.

Note. Moving a king (or any other piece) under battle can be used at any stage of the game. If you lose, then in this way you can try to turn the game in your favor.

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