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CP Dota 2 #2
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Tournament chat
    Malaysia Hearthstone Online Cup 2
    • The tournament will be played in an expanded “Conquest” format
    • Each player can bring up to 1 deck per class (you cannot bring a Zoolock AND Handlock, you have to choose one)
    • ​Players are allowed to request screenshots from their opponent as proof of the above rule.
    • In that case, BOTH players have to provide screenshots of their line-ups and this is done AFTER THE DRAFTING PHASE
    • If a player has more than 1 deck per class prepared, his/her opponent can request that the extra decks are removed. (1 win will be awarded to the opponent)
    • In that case, both players are allowed to re-build their decks and then THE DRAFT IS REDONE.
    • Each player selects 3 classes for each series. The picking process goes like this:
    • ​Player on the LEFT/ TOP  of the match page selects 1 CLASS
    • Player on the RIGHT / BOTTOM then selects 2 CLASSES
    • Player on the LEFT/ TOP selects 2 CLASSES
    • Player on the RIGHT / BOTTOM selects 1 CLASS
    • When a player wins with a class, that class is locked and unable to be used for the remainder of the series
    • When a player loses with a class, he/she may choose to keep or change the class
    • 1st Round will be played in Group Round Robin and Single elimination bracket from Wild Card Onwards till Finals.
    • Best of 5 games for group stages, RO 16, quarter, semi and grand finals