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WoT Click-Storm Gathering


Format: 3 v 3 Tier 5 Battle, tier limit per team - 15 points.

Matches: bo3.

Bracket: Groups stage + Single Elimination, 2 teams from each group

Timelimit: 7 minutes

Game mode: Encounter

Tie Breaker mode: Assault/Defense

Maps: Ensk, Himmelsdorf, Himmelsdord in Winter, Ruinberg, Ruinberg in Flames, Siegfried Line, Lakeville, Mines, Prokhorovka.

Tie Maps: Cliff, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg, Himmelsdorf, Steppes.

Tie Breaker: Assult/Defense mode. Timelimit - 7 minutes.

Allowed tanks: light, medium and heavy.

Forbidden: Spg and TD.

Only one autoloader per team is allowed: AMX 13 90, T69 and AMX 50 100.

Premium ammo and consumables: allowed.

First pick: in odd round upper team in the bracket first picks tanks and position. In the even round lower team in the bracket first picks tanks and position.

Teams are picking tanks one by one, passing turns to other teams.


  • Good Game Zone, 5 minutes from MRT Little India. 89 Short Street, #B1-14 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216. Instructions how to get to GG.
  • OASIS Cafe at Pomo, 5 minutes from MRT Dhoby Ghaut. 1 selegie rd, PoMo #B1-17 Singapore 188306.