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Storm Chess
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Real-time chess: exciting and immersive

Storm Chess Grad
Players: 19 iz 512   /  
Chempionat Tatarstana
Players: 24 iz 128   /  
FIFA Tournament
Players: 0 iz 512   /  
Tournament chat
    SEA 1x1 online for outstanding gentlemen only


    30 Jan, 19-30 (Singaporean time)


    Winning conditions

    First blood or two towers.


    Screenshots and replay

    Please, save screenshot and replay of the game. Judge may ask for them.



    1 Round: Drow Ranger

    2 Round: SF

    3 Round: QoP

    4 Round: Storm Spirit

    5 Round: Templar Assassin

    6 Round: Wind Ranger



    Can be upgraded.



    You can use runes.



    You can use bottle with courier.


    Type of game

    Choose MID Only.



    • Single elimination, best of one. Semi-finals and Finals - Best of three.
    • Pause: up to 5 minutes
    • No more than 10 minutes between games
    • Mid mode

    Penalties and warnings

    • Be good. Be polite. Smile. 
    • Judge is always right.