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Real-time chess: exciting and immersive

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Tournament chat
    CS:O BEAST #1

    Counter-Strike:Online fans, get ready for the new unique challenge: Beast mixed tournament.

    Don't have enough teammates? Don't worry. In Beast mixed tournament all players will be shuffled randomly.

    We will randomly create teams from all online players. 

    To participate you need to add your IAH account in your profile first. 


    Beast mode:

    • It's MOBA (DOTA-like) map. Teams have to destroy enemy's bunker.
    • Ah... the beasts. You can become a beast. In order to it you need to it three radioactive crystals and activate that mode.
    • Try to double jump, strafe and so on.


    Map: Cold Fear. 

    Weapons: all.

    Mode: BEAST.

    Server: Malaysia.

    Team: 5v5, randomly created.

    Winning goal: destroy opponent’s Crystal Tower.

    The goal of the teams are to destroy the opponent's Magic Crystal Tower. To do that, they must destroy the Magic Crystal Controller first. The dead player will leave a Magic Crystal Fragment and other player can pick it up. For every 3 magic crystals, the player can transform into a beast.



    Red Weapon Set for each participant!

    • RED M249 (30Days)
    • RED XM1014 (30Days)
    • RED AWP (30Days)
    • RED Deagle (30Days)

    Counter-Strike:Online Beast mode (video):