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Tournament chat

    Season 1 5v5 Brawl #1


    PST time: 25, Jan 02:30
    DOTA 2 SEA, Single Elimination

    Hosted by: Ghostru

    Judges: Shawn Yeo Melvin Teo

    Dear participants of DOTA 2 5v5 tournament!
    1. All gather in OASIS Café at 9-30 am.
    2. Registration will be closed on 10-15 am.
    3. Only captains should be needed for registration and for briefing.
    4. Once again - it's LAN-tournament in three cafes. Captains should use Click-Storm chat to negotiate with opponents and then submit results. Win - for the whole match (when 2-1 or 2-0).
    5. If it's your first time on Click-Storm, make sure your captain read this FAQ:



    • Good Game Zone, 5 minutes from MRT Little India. 89 Short Street, #B1-14 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216. Instructions how to get to GG.
    • OASIS Cafe at Pomo, 5 minutes from MRT Dhoby Ghaut. 1 selegie rd, PoMo #B1-17 Singapore 188306.
    • HOMEGROUND cybercafe at Princep Place, 5 minutes from MRT Dhoby Ghaut. 60 Princep Street.

    Entry fee:

    • S$6/player - S$30/team

    Season prize pool:

    Please, read full press-release here!