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Tournament chat
    GG Hearthstone daily challenge #3


    • Players should register here.
    • Verification of registration starts in GG Covention, Armaggeddon booth, from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.
    • There are only 64 slots available for the first day. First verified players will take part in the tournament.


    Tournament format

    • Single elimination, best of one.
    • At the start of each match both players can pick any class.


    • Top 8: best of three or best of five
    • Rules are very simple: loser has to change his hero. 
    • Winner can do any changes to his deck but can't change the class.
    • Any players can change their decks during a tournament and use any classes. But due to the tournament rules we suggest you have at least three classes ready.
    • Up to 5 minutes waiting between games during a match. Please get prepared and be fast.

    We suggest that you prepare at least 3 of your heroes. 


    Tournament flow

    • Players must be present at tournament site when it starts.
    • If judges can't reach players within 10 minutes of the time when match is to start, then it will be considered a technical loss.


    Getting prizes

    • Prizes will be handed out at the end of the day. Please, don't leave early!



    • Top 8 winners will not be allowed participate in tournaments on following days.


    Account, server

    • Players should use NA account. 


    Penalties and warnings

    • Be good. Be polite. Smile.
    • Judge is always right.



    • Check our fast-guide on how to register for the tournament.