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    MOL Esports Arena Season 2 (LoL)

    Rules and regulation (LoL)

    1. Organizer Reserved the rights to amend/ override any rules, subject to its’ discretion. ALL decision made by the organizer is final.

    2. Tournament Format & Game Rules


    18-20 September 2015





    Maximum Team


    Registration Fee


    Participation Requirement

    Free for All

    Lobby Format

    Map: Summoner's Rift

    Game Type: Tournament Draft (Single Elimination)

    Team Size: 5

    Allow Spectators: None

    * Team on the top of the bracket should create the lobby by following the Lobby Format, along with password

    3. Victory condition - The Win/ Loss is determined by the destruction of Nexus or Surrender

    4. Game Disruption - In case of disconnection, the opponent team is obligated to pause for a minimum of Ten (10) minutes. If the disconnection persist, the opponent team may choose to continue the match.

    5. Unfair play and Penalty - Following action is consider unfair play and violated the game rule, will result major penalty and disqualification. Punishment is at Organizer’s discretion.

    A. Intentional Disconnection

    B. Trash Talk/ “unnecessary chatting”

    C. False declaration of surrender

    D. Unsportsmanlike behavior

    E. Usage of Cheat Program

    F. Any Other actions which Organizer interpret as inappropriate.

    6. Participant may report their opponent for unfair play after the end of match but it is subject to organizer’s discretion for Final Decision. All Decision made is final.




    Match Details

    18 September


    Round of 32


    Round of 16

    19 September


    Round of 8


    Semi Final Round

    20 September


    Third Place


    Grand Final

    *BO 1 from Round of 32 to Semi Final, BO 3 from 3rd place onward. All match is run based on Single Elimination Format.

    *All Match will start on time. Participant has to online and be ready 15 minutes before the match start. Late/ Absence during match will results disqualification, subject to Organizer’s Discretion.

    *All Match from Round of 32 to Semi Final will be self Organize and submit results via Click-Storm. Third Place and Grand Final will be host by Organizer.

    *Any Inquiries can be done by PM via MOL facebook page