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Real-time chess: exciting and immersive

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Premium and Founder's Pack
Price   2.99

Grab the Founder's Pack and receive unique rewards! But don't hesitate, the current price is a limited-time offer!

Upon purchase, you will receive immediately:

  • Exclusive skin for Storm Chess - Glass
  • Exclusive avatar to show off your VIP status! 
  • A chance to win cool gaming devices 
  • 750 Shards = 5 entrance fees for 1x1 tournaments (you get x2 discount on shards!)


The Founder's Pack also includes a month of premium subscription. Here's what's included:

  • Earn double rewards for every game you win 
  • Full access to all cognitive trainers (reaction time, memory, multitasking, and more!) 
  • Full access to our guides and esports quizzes 
  • VIP status in our Discord community
  • 50% discount on 6 entrance fees to the regular tournaments!

Founder's pack pays off if you only take the top 8 in the premium tournament!


Exclusive skin for Storm Chess - Glass