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DOTA: Team-member, background for improvement and humble learning. ~3.2k mmr.


Furox - Flexible Roles

Current mastery of heros: 62 updated as of 8/24/16

Hello, my name is Furox. I'm a player from the Northwest United States. I've played Dota 2 ever since it's inception, as a beta tester in 2011 and plenty of Defense of the Ancients back in the day. I'm a observant and quick learner eager to allow for improvement and modification. Dota is a game about adaptation, and I do just that.

Ever since ranked play was released, I never had a solid team to rally behind. One time however, I did manage to scrap a 5-man that stayed and scrimmed for a couple years. "Wave Riders." Yeah, you probably never heard of us. They were friends, and much to my dismay; they didn't want to improve. I left Dota for a short time to do some real-world work, improve my situation and fix up my status. I returned to find those friends gone, off to see a wide world. I felt a deep desire to have a team and then I found Click Storm!

I want to see people who want to improve continually, humbly accept the failures of life and game both, and seeking the slight edge in Dota.

My Dotabuff Profile - Furox

There's plenty to look at there, but I hope you see my potential rather than my scores. (Most of it solo.)

An Adaptive Player:

My best heros are across the board in all the major roles. Most notable are:

- Vengeful Spirit, Venomancer, Medusa, Mirana, Batrider, Crystal Maiden, Phantom Assassin, Anti-Mage, Jakiro and Nyx Assassin.

Most of these have been played as a position 3 for the most part, but I have been known to dominate the early to mid-game as a support. I still struggle as a position 1 if the team falters in their respective roles, (but then, who doesn't?). I also have trouble learning to solo jungle a hero effectively, seeing as nearly most of my hero play has revolved around laning.

Willing to Adapt = A winner!

Let's kick some butt!

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