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Read my formI will be a very potential and the most useful addition to your clan. . dota 1 player.

Karan Shah

Dear Sir/Madam

To whom this letter may concern.

I am very determined on joining your clan, therefore i will provide some background information about me .

I was a pro dota 1 player and elite and skillful and almost every game ive faced( most are mmorpg,rpg, all shooting games), I had represented many clans and was always on top of my clan group and also the most elite in the midst of all professional gamers.

Moreover, i also worked for the replay and relationship department for the wcg qualifications in hong kong .( link is provided below)

(click on the contact/staff at the bottom of the page and under replay and relationship departments category, you will see my name 'Karan". the photo is unavailable as the site is offline)

And participated and played for my clan, FBB, where we came 2nd for wcg qualifications.

My skills are impeccable and this game isnt about how long you have played as ive met so many noobs who have played for god knows how long .Its about your sharpness and awareness in real life puts an impact into everything , especially gaming. (nevertheless, i have played this game for more than 12 years)

I am very skillful player

I had quit gaming in the middle due to work and education.

After a few years dota 2 had released therefore I started gaming again and I have a lot of skills and id like you to give me a shot.

Just give me one shot , i can play every heroes and ive been playing this game more than anyone .

I am very sharp in life and that bridges the gap between to my gaming skills.

I will be a very potential and the most useful addition to your clan.

Believe me

Thank you and awaiting your reply

Best regards,

Karan Shah