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Arif Ahmed

I am a dota 2 players i have been playing dota 2 since i was 6y.o when i was playing dota when dota 2 released i shifted on Dota 2 now i am 4,7k mmr player 4700 mmr and also playing awesomenauts now i am a pro player in that too


I have played many games i have been playing games since i was 6y.o i started playing counterstrike 1.6 then after 1 year i started playing dota all my these interests came from my brothers i saw them playing and i went with them started playing in game zones i became a good player in both counter strike and dota and when dota 2 released i started playing that and achieved 4.7k mmr in my new id and in earlier ids 5.1kmmr and many lots of games which single player multiplayer and all the games that i have been playing has made a great role in my life i thought i was able to play g
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