Меня зовут Максим, я машина Добавь меня в близзарде - МаксимМА...
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LFT > I'm a versatile player i can do any role. My current role right now is 3/4/5 & i'm Tier 6


Hello , if you are interested about me and if you want to see some info of my recent games you can go to this link https://www.dotabuff.com/players/176353160.
If you want to add me or message me you can just add me here is my steam account link https://steamcommunity.com/id/onepress.

I'm currently Ancient but I'm a competitive player. I have a lot of experiences because I have join some tournaments here in our place and have a strong team enemy line up with an average of 5.2k MMR players I guess. But they've just lost from us , I couldn't give you the history of it or a photo about that game because it wasn't recorded and it's just a local host lobby game or an offline tournament and they just quit after the game like lul. So if you Pick me up or atleast try me as a standin in your team I will do my best to prove to you that you're not wrong for picking me up so try me and let's scrim. :)

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