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Top Deck League #1: results and photos


On 30 of November the best Singaporean mages came to GG Zone and showed off their skills. All battles were best of five, so each player had a chance to show his best decks and prove he was fast enough to make crucial changes on the fly.

This tournament was supported by Armageddon, GG Zone, click-storm.com and, of course, would not have happened without mages.

1. metha

2. frostshattering

3. wth76

4. Negation

5-6. Eddy Ng and Weelong Tay.

7-8. Terry Lim and RinXMukuro.


metha, 1 place


 frostshattering, 2nd place


wth76, 3rd place



Negation, 4th place


PewPew, 5-6 place


Eddy Ng, 5-6 place


Terry Lim, 7-8 place



Wen Wei, 7-8 place









Tournament bracket can be found here: http://click-storm.com/en/tournament/157/bracket

Great prizes can be seen here: http://click-storm.com/en/news/836.