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Blizzard is Dedicated to Take Down ALL Overwatch Porn on the Internet

Artem Uarabei

Overwatch's porn has been all over the Web for months, long before the official game's release. Up until now Blizzard turned a blind eye to all the porn content being uploaded. But it seems that these days, they don’t seem to accept it very favorably.

So a couple of weeks after the game's release, Blizzard started taking down hundreds of Overwatch's porn videos that according to them were commiting violation of copyright laws. Their claim for infringement was that the animators had ripped off the characters models straight off the game as they were.

The animators' response to that claim was that something like that wasn't true. of course they took the in-game character models from the game files, but they didn't use them as they were, they modified them, created naked versions of them which is only logical.

And they didn't sell or anything, they distributed them for free, so they can't claim that they profitted from this.

Their goal was to create a PG to PG-13 range game, so when they saw how much Overwatch's porn content skyrocketed after the Open-Beta, they decided to take action and started shutting down several sites and removing porn material related to Overwatch.

But  the truth is that when something is uploaded on the Web it never gets outs that's why it is called a Web.

It would be impossible for Blizzard to remove all the Overwatch's porn on the Internet.

Those are legit statistical graphs that Pornhub published a few weeks after Overwatch's open-beta.