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Team YP picks up all-woman League of Legends team

Artem Uarabei

Despite being barred from sponsoring professional teams in Riot-run tournaments, Team YP isn’t showing signs of slowing down when it comes to picking up esports squads. Their latest acquisition comes in the form of an all-woman League of Legends roster, the organization announced Monday morning.

Team YP is an organization owned by adult entertainment publisher YouPorn, hence many esports organizers’ hesitations in allowing their representation in their tournaments.

TOP: Joanna “Myshka” Pigla, from Poland
MID: Tanja “Escape” Reither, from Austria
ADC: Laura “Aryenzz” Muñoz, from Spain
SUPPORT: Marlies “Maestra” Brunnhofer, from Austria
JUNGLE: Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin, from Poland

The ladies are excited for things to come. “We will start playing in Go4LoL cups soon, because we are choosing to not only play against other female teams,” said Patrycja “Reniferka” Krumin. They are already taking the scene by storm and hope to become the best female team in Europe. They are focused and show no sign of slowing down.