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Introducing a new team, OWKings

Artem Uarabei

Today we introduce OWKings, formerly SICK6, a new team looking to make an immediate impact on the burgeoning Overwatch scene.

Although the game itself is new, the core of OWKings - OLBAA, twidi, ADETONIAN, and newb - have been together for over five years, playing games like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Dirty Bomb, where they finished as the highest-earning team in the history of the game.

Today though, they are able to announce the final two pieces of the jigsaw, and their official formation as a competitive Overwatch team.

The first new name on the list was Michael 'michr' Rosen, known to the team from their time playing Dirty Bomb, and the team finally settled on fomer Impulse 11 player Ruben 'ryb' Ljungdahl to complete their roster today.

The complete lineup for OWKings includes:

Remy “ADETONIAN” Cabresin
Michael “michr” Rosen
Oula “OLBAA” Räsänen
Dennis “newb” Srock
Jussi “twidi” Tiipiö
Ruben “ryb” Ljungdahl

Despite their entering being a fresh young scene, it's always hard to hit the ground running with a new line-up, but the group will hope their huge individual and collective experience will shine through in the high-pressure environment of Overwatch with the four veterans of Dirty Bomb having finished in the top three at every major in the game's competitive history.

With an established roster and a solid structure, OWKings looks to have a bright future in what is arguably the most keenly-anticipated new eSport in recent memory.