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Overwatch Beta Breaks Blizzard’s Records, Beats Destiny, The Division

Artem Uarabei

Overwatch beta breaks Blizzard’s records

The Overwatch beta attracted 9.7 million participants across PC, PS4 and Xbox One, Activision Blizzard has announced.

That’s a huge number; compare it with Destiny’s 4.6 million (PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One) and The Division’s 6.4 million (PC, PS4 and Xbox One), both of which were record-setters of their time.

It’s not a totally fair comparison as each of the three tests ran for different durations across their platforms, but still.

Testers managed to put in over 4.9 billion minutes over the course of 37 million matches. That’s a whopping 3.3 million days, or over 9,000 years. On average, each player spent about 8.4 hours with the beta – which is about the same value as some people get from a full release. Bloody hell.

Overwatch launches May 24 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.