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Dota 2: 6.86e and New Quest – Path of the Blossom

Artem Uarabei

To celebrate New Bloom this year, a bonus Quest has been added to the Winter 2016 Battle Pass. Earn up to 7 Crimson Parcels by completing the Path of the Blossom, and open them to see what gifts await inside.

By completing the final Quest in this path, you will unlock a new exclusive set for Ember Spirit. The Path of the Blossom is available for a limited time from February 5th to February 15th.

There have already been 2,500,000 quests completed along the Path of the Executioner. An alternate style of the Legacy of the Eldwurm Crest set for Dragon Knight is now available for anyone who completes the Path of the Executioner.

  • Fixed a bug with some Dragon forms for Dragon Knight where selection boxes were sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where copy/paste would not work correctly in chat if text was selected from right to left
  • Fixed achievement for tipping 10 times not granting the reward (we retroactively granted the reward to everyone who completed it so far)

  • Savage Roar cooldown increased from 28/24/20/16 to 38/32/26/20
  • Earth Spirit's Scepter Enchant Remnant cast range reduced from 600 to 125