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16 SEA Hearthstone Teams to compete in first ever Captain’s Draft tournament

Artem Uarabei

Sixteen teams from six Southeast Asian countries are going to participate in the first ever community-led Hearthstone tournament, Captain’s Draft SEA. This will be on March 15, 2015 at 10 AM (GMT+8). The participating countries are Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand.

The initiative was spearheaded by players from the Philippines, Coldsnap and HAVATITE. The Captain’s Draft format was inspired by llegar’s DraftKO  from hearthstoneopen.com and Captain’s Mode of DotA.

Coldsnap then collaborated with the different Hearthstone SEA community admins and Blizzard SEA in planning the online tournament, making this the first online Hearthstone SEA tournament initiated and organized by the players themselves.

“HAVATITE showed me the DraftKO video and wanted to try it as a team then I thought of asking Mana Surge from Singapore if they’d be interested to try it out—and maybe the other SEA teams as well. I contacted the HS SEA community admins about the idea and they’re also interested so here we are,” Coldsnap said.

In Captain’s Draft format, each team will have four players, with one acting as Captain. They will prepare one deck for each of the 9 classes. The teams will either agree on who will get the first pick or will roll on it, then they will follow Draft KO’s order when drafting classes.

Captain’s Draft won’t have mirror matches like DraftKo. Unlike DraftKO, the teams do not have to use different players. The captain does the picks and the team will decide who they want to send every round - they could even just have one player representing the team, and the rest can coach their player.

Just like Conquest, the winning class cannot be played again, and the first team to win with 3 classes shall win the round.

When asked why they will use this format instead of Conquest, Coldsnap says,“I like the idea of playing an online tourney with team decks. There’s a lot of diversity and it’s a good start for building a bigger Hearthstone community. It's fun preparing decks and creating team strategies with friends than doing it solo.”

The tournament shall be streamed live on Sunday at Complexity Gaming’s twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/colcast and will be casted by coL_Beef and coL_Fantasy. Hearthstone loot will be given to the winners.

The current bracket is as follows (subject to change):

Source: gosugamers.net