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Over 600,000 People Have Tuned In To Watch Drake And Ninja Play Fortnite

Artem Uarabei

Fortnite streamer Ninja has gotten so big that rapper Drake was following him on Instagram. Tonight, they hooked up for a game and it crushed the record for most concurrent viewers on a single stream for the service.

After some initial communications issues, and some adorable fan freakout from Ninja’s wife, viewers were able to tune in to see Ninja playing while Drake was on voice comms via Discord (the pair were separated by platforms, with Ninja on PC and Drake on PS4).

As the games wore on, the viewer count exploded, growing from around 200,000 when they first got voice chat working to just under 400,000 thirty minutes later, at which point Drake tweeted a link to his 36.7 million followers, and it really blew up.

There wasn’t just shooting; at one point Ninja asked how long Drake had been playing, who replied that it’s only been a month or two (he’s pretty good), and that he can often spend so long in the studio (15-20 hours at a time) that there’s plenty of time for downtime with stuff like games.

As a result, they were watched by 615,000 people.

Clarified in first paragraph that this is the record for most concurrent viewers for a single stream. Figures for the broadcast of major esports events have obviously been much higher.

Source: kotaku.com