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Major Allstars: NA and EU qualifiers to begin this week

Artem Uarabei

The upcoming $100,000 Major Allstars LAN event to be hosted in Malaysia has announced their qualifiers for the NA and EU regions to begin this week, with the NA qualifiers beginning on 14 Feb 2015.

Featuring four SEA teams who have already invited (Rave, Invasion) or qualified (Redemption, CSW), they will be joined by 1 Chinese, 2 European, and 1 North American teams. 

The organisers, Fallout Gaming, have announced the North American and European qualifiers that begin this week, with the winners of each qualifer heading to Malaysia for the LAN finals. One other European team will be invited to the LAN event, and will be announced at the end of February. 

The NA and EU qualifiers will have different formats - the NA qualifiers will be a single elimination best of three tournament, with a best of five grand finals. On the other hand, the EU qualifiers will be a double elimination best of three tournament, but also with a best of five grand finals. 

The NA qualifiers will feature Jimmy 'Demon' Ho's new team, named Summoner's Rift, while the European qualifiers will also see the competitive play of Meepwned back in action. 

The brackets are as follows:

North America Qualifier

European Qualifier


Source: gosugamers.net