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Hearthstone: new deck Face Hunter by yell9x

Artem Uarabei

Face Hunter - one of the few cheap decks, which in the shortest time possible to take the rank legend. The main feature - a quick kill enemy hero, ignoring most of the enemy minions.


- Use owls to bypass taunts. It's absolutely fine to play an owl on turn 2 to shut down your opponent's undertaker.

- Try to use hero power every turn. This is extremely important. For instance, you have a leper gnome and a wolfrider in hand on turn 5. You should play wolfrider and hero power instead of playing the gnome.

- Play wolfriders, arcane golem, UTH and go for face before your opponent plays taunts. Use an owl after they drop the Sludge Belcher and that should be an easy victory.

- Trade or don't trade ? Unfortunately I can't answer that because it depends on many things. You have to ask yourself these questions first:

"Do I have lethal?" Yes -> kill your opponent

"Can I kill him next turn?" Yes -> yolo face

"Should I play around his removal? What can he have on this turn?" Yes -> don't overextend


Undertaker & deathrattle minions are what you're looking for. If you face an aggro deck, you can keep an owl (if you don't have the coin) or a bow (if you have the coin).



Source: hearthpwn.com