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Top Deck League #1 - coverage by Hearthstone Alley


Hearthstone Alley did pretty interesting coverage of tournament Top Deck League #1 (photos and reasults) which was backed by Armageddon.

The tournament allowed for unlimited side decking, where the winner keeps his class (but allowed to use different decks) and the loser switching his. This format resulted in many interesting match-ups – losing players looking to counter the opponent’s Handlock may instead find themselves going against the infamous Zoolock.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the tournament, a number of Hearthstone ‘veterans’ were eliminated in the early stages of the tournament. It was a breath of fresh air as Frostshattering and Metha rose above the competition of these unknown players.

It made for an exciting final as they opened with a Druid and Control Warrior respectively. The early game went smoothly for Frostshattering, as he built tempo with a turn 2 coin into Shade of Naxxramas, while also silencing Metha’s Acolyte of Pain with Keeper of the Grove.

The game seemed to be going in Frostshattering’s favour as he developed the board while answering all of Metha’s threats. However, a huge Brawl from Metha left Frostshattering with just the Shade of Naxxramas, and Metha then took control of Game 1 with his high value minions such as Ragnaros the Firelord and Ysera.

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