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Last Opinions

In Apex Legends come the opportunity to get donate gold and an exclusive skin


After the recent abuse of the Twitch Prime service in Apex Legends an opportunity to grab an even bigger piece of the pie presented itself. That is 1000 Apex coins and an exclusive skin for VK-47 Flatline.

It is pretty easy to get all these goods especially for those who had taken advantage of the Twitch Prime in the past.

  • As in the last time – enter your Origin account and go to the setting of the Apex Legends then select Advanced launch settings
  • In the Console enter "+debug_force_EAAccess 1" without quotation marks
  • Launch the game to receive your rewards
  • Spend all your coins then exit the game and remove the modification. (Everything you opened or bought will be kept.)

Even though the skin for VK-47 Flatline may disappear, the 1000 coins are still very pleasing.