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How to play Broodmother in Dota 2


Broodmother is one of the most versatile hero in pushing and nuke. Why would I say so? Just use the skills build I have created since DotA 1 then it's still legit!

Push & Nuke Build

1. Spin Web

2. Spawn Spiderlings

3. Spawn Spiderlings

4. Spin Web

5. Incapating Bite

6. Insatiable Hunger

7. Spawn Spiderlings

8. Spawn Spiderlings

9. Spin Web

10. Incapating Bite

11. Insatiable Hunger

12. Spin Web

13. Incapating Bite

14. Incapating Bite
15. Stats

16. Insatiable Hunger

17-25. Stats

Item Builds & Gameplay Duration

Early Game Phase

Start with Ring of Basilius. Get some Tango's and start choosing which lane you wanted to go. Preferably top or bottom lane.

Mid-Game Phase

Get Black King Bar or Monkey King Bar as your arsenal. If you can farm fast enough in between 15 to 30 minutes, get Orchid Malevolence with Black King Bar instead of Monkey King Bar straight. Always remember to stay away from hero ganks as possible. Your a pusher, act like the stealth assassin you could ever be. Ask your team mates to break Sentry Wards and stay away from Dust of Appearance!

Late Game Phase

Just remember to activate your Black King Bar in most of the war to ensure you don't get hexed and vice versa. Always prepare Necromicon Book Level 3 maxed out for fast pushing within 30 minutes or less. If the game drags, try to control your momentum with the team while you rax all the towers you see. Do remember that your broodlings are important, micro them well and you can use them to scout or attack efficiently. Also, you may purchase Eul's Scepter of Divinity to avoid dangerous hero from making a good team fight!

This maybe a short yet simple guide but it may let you play your public game be it 3K to 5K MMR better and simple. There maybe lots of criticism towards my guide but FEEL FREE to make use of it.