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Hearthstone psychology: losing doesn't mean you are a bad player

Crystal Maiden

Hearthstone is a card game and, as you know, all card games have an element of randomness. You can't change that, but that doesn't mean that skill doesn't matter. It matters a lot -- in the long term.

I played M:TG, the "father" of Hearthstone. It was hard for me to get used to the random events, so one day I quit and switched to Warcraft 3.

After M:TG I gained some experience in online-poker, and that helped me to understand how card games actually work. I want to share my observations with you.

No regrets about failure

You cannot control the order of cards in a deck, and you cannot control which card you or your opponent will pick up. You cannot be sure what cards your opponent has, although you can make an educated guess. The only thing you can do is to stay calm. It's not wise to regret making a creature too early, causing it to be killed.  It might be that your opponent has only one appropriate card in his deck and he just got lucky. So, you were unable to save a creature in the first round.

If you play it right, but you are unlucky -- do not worry. These things happen sometimes. But you still should check that there were no mistakes in your game or deck, and try to learn.

As with poker, in Hearthstone you will have a series of victories and defeats. Never give up! Try to judge your game level objectively.

For example: you play as a wizard and rely on spells to kill the enemy. You didn't raise Pyroblast, so you lost last game. Next time, it would be absurd to start hunting for enemy creatures, ignoring the basic strategy of your deck. Play your game.

Things you can control

Do things that you can contol well:
• Gather the deck competently. Pick up cards that will play well at any stage of the game. Prefer creatures that give effect immediately after entering the game;
• Retake cards properly, achieving the most successful scenario;
• Play a card, taking into consideration the situation on the table and trying to predict the actions of an opponent;
• Play your deck strategy;
• Do not that the card you want will be the next to come, all the more since there are only two of card in the deck;
• Assemble the deck in the arena correctly.

Victory will be yours

You cannot win every single game. Anyone, even the strongest player, can lose because of bad luck.  But you should always remember that only best players become champions.

The main thing is: if you play well and do the right thing, you'll be the winner of most of your games.

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