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Hearthstone: All 9 New Goblins vs. Gnomes Class Legendaries Revealed

Artem Uarabei

The final Goblins vs. Gnomes have been revealed, and they're the remaining class legendary cards! While it turns out some leaked cards from a while ago turned out to be real, there are still a few new never-before-seen cards in this bunch, and more than a few super powerful meta-changing minions. 

Take a look at all nine of the new class legendary cards below, then start saving your arcane dust to craft as many of these amazing cards as soon as possible! 


My initial thoughts on Bolvar Fordragon and Gahz'rilla have already been shared in previous posts, but when it comes to the remaining minions revealed here, there's still something to say. A lot to say, in fact! 

Mal'Ganis is an insane control-style card that will give Warlocks a real reason to experiment with demon decks. Just imagine getting this card onto the board deep into the game once you've already transformed into Jaraxxus. There's virtually nothing your opponent could do to stay alive against a horde of 8/8 Dread Infernals, nor could they find a way finish the game, as they'd have to push through Mal'Ganis before tackling Jaraxxus. Iron Juggernaut is another crazy card that gives control Warriors a near-unavoidable burst of damage in long games. It's also got a solid body for its mana cost, so there's no real downside to playing it. Vol'jin has a ton of potential for big swings on the board, and just feels like a high-value efficient minion. 

Trade Prince Gallywix is one of the only big minions available to Rogue, and that alone might make him a key card. His ability also means he'll be very hard to remove efficiently without gaining you some additional value. Neptulon is a high-value minion that will functionally draw you four cards which should have a lot of synergy among themselves. The overload is huge, but you should be able to flood the board the following turn with the murlocs you just earned. Flame Leviathan feels like an expensive, slow, and unnecessary minion in the Mage arsenal. They already have so many area of effect board clears, it's weak to Big Game Hunter in a class that has few other targets, and it does damage to you as well. Malorne is the absolute king of long, grindy control-style matchups that go to fatigue. If it doesn't get silenced, it's an endless resource and an absolute game-winner. 

All nine of these minions are high-impact and all of them will see a lot of experimentation. I expect more than a few to find their way into popular and dominant decks, because their effects are just too strong to ignore or play around. It'll be fun to see this in action when Goblins vs. Gnomes is finally released!