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Top Deck League #1: results and photos


On 30 of November the best Singaporean mages came to GG Zone and showed off their skills. All battles were best of five, so each player had a chance to show his best decks and prove he was fast enough to make crucial changes on the fly.

This tournament was supported by Armageddon, GG Zone, and, of course, would not have happened without mages.

1. metha

2. frostshattering

3. wth76

4. Negation

5-6. Eddy Ng and Weelong Tay.

7-8. Terry Lim and RinXMukuro.


metha, 1 place


 frostshattering, 2nd place


wth76, 3rd place



Negation, 4th place


PewPew, 5-6 place


Eddy Ng, 5-6 place


Terry Lim, 7-8 place



Wen Wei, 7-8 place









Tournament bracket can be found here:

Great prizes can be seen here: