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Dota 2: SEA Teams Have Visa Problems

Artem Uarabei

According to sources, both Execration and TNC's applications for US Visas have been declined sometime in the past two weeks, albeit an appeal was not entirely out of the question at the time.

The recent tweets made by ExecrationGG seems to be pointing at yet another disappointing result. However, nothing has been officially announced by either team's management, while is currently looking for possible leads as the story develops.

In the chance that the team's applications have indeed been rejected once more, this will be prove to be perhaps the biggest disappointment in the history of local Dota 2, as the Philippines' 5-year TI drought will once more be prolonged, but this time not by their quality of play, but by bureaucratic procedure that's just out of their hands.

Both TNC and Execration's managers, Paulo Sy and Arvin Risos, respectively, have confirmed through exclusive statements with Esports Inquirer that their teams' visas have indeed been denied. However, it appears that not all hope is lost, as the the US government has called for them to secure P1 visas instead of the B1/B2 visas that Valve had earlier instructed them.

The P1 visa will entail that the teams declare their status as athletes looking to compete in the United States.