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The International 6: Now featuring a $17 million prize pool

Artem Uarabei

Following a substantial boost from the weekend sale, the prize pool for The International 6 has reached another milestone, the $17 million mark.

Having only passed the $16 million mark a few days ago, the weekend sale of the Battle Pass has given the TI6 prize pool another significant boost, wih the prize-pool figure breaking the $17 million mark recently.

By doing so, the TI6 prize pool is about $1.5 million away from TI5's prize pool, with the spike provided by the to-be-released Immortal 3 treasure still to come and a month of spending left before the event.

With $15.4 million of the $17 million prize pool coming from Battle Pass sales, Valve has generated $46.2 million worth of funds for themselves through the Battle Pass (assuming that Valve's claims that 25% of Battle Pass sales going to the prize pool is true).

If the prize pool for TI6 follows the same trajectory as in previous years it will be roughly $8 million more than last year, consistent with every event since TI3, and should hit $26 million.

However, looking at past data, a month of sales without special events will give an estimated $2 million increase and the release of the Immortal 3 treasure will give an estimated $1 million boost, meaning that the prize pool this year is more likely to be around $20 million.