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Nanyang Championships S2 LAN in July.

Artem Uarabei

The Nanyang Championships held its first season in Singapore last Autumn, but the Chinese organisers have decided to bring it closer to home for Season 2.

50/50 balance between invites and qualifier spots in Season 2

Season 2 will have the same prize pool of $200,000 as Season 1, but the number of participating teams has been reduced from 10 to 8. In Season 1 there were six invites and four qualifier spots while in Season 2 there will be only 4 invites and 4 qualifier spots.

Participating teams

4 x invites (1 SEA, 1 EU, 1 Americas, 1 China)
4 x Regional Qualifiers (1 SEA, 1 EU, 1 Americas, 1 China)

Prize pool

1st. $100,000 + 12% of Ticket Sales
2nd. $50,000 + 6% of Ticket Sales
3rd. $25,000 + 3% of Ticket Sales
4th. $10,000 + 2 % of Ticket Sales
5th to 6th. $7,500 + 1% of Ticket Sales

The invites and qualifier spots are to be evenly distributed, with EU, NA, SEA and China all receiving one direct invite, and one regional qualifier invite.

Live report from the Nanyang Dota 2 Championship by Click-Storm in 2015

The first change is the location. Although organised by Chinese company KeyTV the first Nanyang Championships was held in Singapore, and at the time was the largest prize pool for an SEA event