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Dota 2: illustrated warding quick guide

Crystal Maiden

 Basic Warding


Southern Dire ward spot

Northern Dire ward spot

 Southern Radiant ward spot


Wards on High


Radiant Secret Shop Path

 This lesser-used sneaky ward is done


Viewing the Bounty


The turtle ward

Rune ward spot

The hard camp blocker

The medium camp blocker

Jungle corner (Roshan emphasis)

Jungle corner (jungle emphasis)

Northern stairs (corner)

Northern stairs (bush ward)

Above Roshan

Northern stairs (between trees)


New Ancients and Camp Blocking


The Dire Ancients' spawn box

Southeast block

Southern bush block

The root ward

The root ward (without tree)

Eastern block (without tree)

Southern block (without tree)


The Bottom Lane


The classic push ward

The hidden push ward (without tree)

Rock vision in Radiant Jungle


Notes about map distances

Testing has given the approximate new travel distances between towers and the Roshan pit:

  • Dire Mid Lane
    Tier 1 3600 units (from about 2000)
    Tier 2 4800 units (from about 3600)

  • Dire Bot Lane
    Tier 1 3700 units (from about 3600)
    Tier 2 4800 units (from about 3600)
    * both of these distances are reduced if blink or force staff is available

  • Radiant Mid Lane
    Tier 1 4800 units (from about 5200)
    Tier 2 7200 units (from about 7200)

  • Radiant Bot Lane
    Tier 1 5600 units (from about 6800)
    Tier 2 6000 units (from about 8000)