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How to sell items in Dota 2 and make money?

Crystal Maiden

Every Dota 2 player has a lot of things in his arsenal. Do you know that you can sell your belongings through Steam profitably? It's quite easy and more over you can find buyers almost instantly.

You can spend the money you earned on tickets to Dota 2 tournaments or new games on Steam. My friend - casual Dota 2 player (he plays only few games a week) had sold his belongings for 50$ and bought some new games. 


How to sell  items in Dota 2 and make money?

1. Open Steam, choose "Community" and "Market".

2. Press the green button "Sell an item".


3. Choose an item and press "Sell". You can filter items by type, rarity or hero using "advanced filters".


4. The most important is price setting. If you want to sell quickly, set price lower than the last price on diagram on few cents. Write it down on "Buyer pays".


That's all! Your item is on the market. Repeat this sequencing with next item you want to sell. Some items can be purchased in few minutes. You will receive the money on your Steam account. Also they will sent you notification via e-mail.

Good luck!