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Na'Vi are the D2CL Bucharest Champions

Artem Uarabei

With a quick and decisive series in the Grand Finals, the D2CL Bucharest Champions have been crowned. Using their WB game advantage well, Natus Vincere came out on top of Team Tinker with a clean 3-0 to win the $38,000 prize.

If you blinked you probably missed it, because the Grand Finals for D2CL Bucharest are over. With only two matches needed to be played, Natus Vincere came out on top of Team Tinker. Coming into the Grand Final with a game advantage, Na'Vi made short work of this finale and ended it off with a clean 3-0.

Na'Vi's strategy for both games was not unusual for them, with a lot of aggression coming from their whole team starting early in the match. Interestingly, both matches had a similar setup; Puck, Vengeful Spirit and Ogre Magi. The two supports were positioned in a trilane and secured very early first bloods as soon as the enemy offlaner came into lane. This caused a very prominent snowball effect that ended with massive gold and experience leads that put them in a advantageous position for the majority of the matches.

Team Tinker on the other hand tried out very different lane combinations both times, with no repeating picks and different play styles. The first match had them using the old Tiny-Io with Tidehunter, Skywrath and Centaur running interference. Match two was significantly more pick-off orientated with a Legion, Viper, Nyx, Ancient Apparition and Elder Titan lineup. While the first match saw little chance or place for them to gain a foothold, match two saw a significant swing in their favor come the midgame. Their lead was ultimately lost once the enemy Medusa came into play, shattering their hopes for the first place finish in D2CL.

Prize Distribution:

1st - $38,118 -  Natus Vincere 
2nd - $19,059 -  Team Tinker 
3rd - $11,435 -  Team Empire
4th - $7,624 -   Sneaky Nyx Assassins