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Malygos Miracle Rogue Guide

Artem Uarabei

Hello everybody, recently there are many variation decks of Miracle Rogue, like Tarei's Leeroy Jones Miracle Rogue, and Wuaschtsemme's Miracle & Tempo Rogue etc. Today I'd love to share you guys with a Malygos Miracle Rogue deck. Check it out below.

Well, I believe many players have been very familiar with the strategy of Miracle Rogues, which rely on Gadgetzan Auctioneer and cheap spells to build advantages at the mid game. And allowing for the existence of Edwin VanCleef in this deck, you can also create a huge monster at the early game with the help of those cheap spells.

As for the Malygos, it's a late game card, as long as it suvives to the next turn and unsilenced, your offensive spells will become horrible and kill the opponent easier. Here is a deck tech video for this deck, watching it for more details of this deck.