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What you need to know about the experience in Dota 2

Artem Uarabei

Experience allows heroes to level up, which makes them stronger and allows them to learn new abilities. Experience is earned by being within a 1300 range radius of a dying enemy unit. It takes increasingly more experience to level up as a hero's level progresses. Units can be denied by other allied units to reduce the experience given from dying.

Acquiring experience

When an enemy unit dies, experience is granted and divided among all allied heroes in a 1300 range.

  • Experience is granted by almost all units: heroes, creeps, summons and wards. Buildings do not grant experience.
  • Denying a hero (for instance, by commiting suicide) grants no experience (nor gold) to the enemy. This also applies when killed by neutrals.
  • More generally, denying a player-controlled unit grants no experience to the enemy.
  • Any denied npc unit (lane creeps, neutrals) grant 50% of their usual experience. Npc units killed by neutrals, though, grant no experience. Neutrals deaths grant experience to any nearby hero, no matter the team that gets the last-hit.
  • A hero cannot earn experience while dead.
  • Hero kills award experience to the killer at any range (no matter how far away they are).
  • Any kills made by summoned units like Treants or Spirit Bear will reward experience to their owner at any range.
  • Heroes take their share of experience even after level 25, even though they cannot use it.
  • Each Meepo clone counts as a hero for the purposes of gaining and dividing experience.
  • Experience (and gold) are awarded independently of the assist counter on the scoreboard, which only counts if a hero dealt damage, and ignores proximity to the dying hero. This means a hero only gets assist gold and experience when within range of a dying enemy hero, even when it didn't contribute to the kill in any way.


Some items award a hero with experience, namely:

Hero kills

When an enemy hero is killed, allied heroes within range receive an experience reward, split up into two parts: killing experience and assist experience. Killing experience is based on the level of the killed hero, and assist experience is based on the experience difference between the teams.

Killing experience

When an enemy hero dies, an experience reward is divided equally among allied heroes in range. The killer will receive the reward even if he is not in range. The formula awards total experience as follows:

Killed hero level / Experience awarded

If 'x' is the level of the killed hero, the amount of experience gained (f(x)) is:

  For levels 1-5: f(x) = 20(x+4); f(1) = 100
  For levels 6 and further: f(x) = f(x-1) + 100; f(5) = 180

Or it can combine them into one formula: f(x) = (20x +80) H(5.5 - x) + (100x - 320) H(x - 5.5)

Assist experience

When an enemy hero dies, allied heroes within 1300 range receive an experience reward. The formula (for each hero) is as follows:

Lane creeps

Creep / Experience

Neutral creeps

Creep / Experience


Hero summons

All hero-summoned units grant 50% experience.


Denying occurs when a hero lands a killing blow on an allied unit. Heroes can only target allied creeps if they are under 50% health, and can only target allied heroes if they are afflicted with certain debuffs.

If the denied unit is not a player controlled unit, enemy heroes in 1300 range split half the usual experience bounty. If it is a player controlled unit, enemies gain no experience from it. Denying an allied unit prevents the opponents from earning gold.


Each hero starts the match at level 1, with one ability point to spend. A hero levels by acquiring a certain amount of experience. When a hero levels, its attributes get increased according to that hero's individual attribute bonuses, and it gains ability point.

The amount of experience required to level up is generally equal to the upcoming hero level * 100. For example, to increase a hero's level from 1 to 2 a hero requires 200 experience points, while leveling up from 24 to 25 requires 2500 experience points.

There are a few exceptions for some levels in the 6–12 range to allow mid-game heroes to peak slightly earlier.