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Kripp's Hipster Priest to Crusher Ladder

Artem Uarabei

Greeting fellows, today I'd love to share you guys with Kripp's new Priest deck that has shown a lot of success on ladder. Kripp calls it Hipster Priest crushers ladder. Check it out below.

At first sight, this deck is like an Arena deck, which contains some cards that are uncommon in constructed Priest decks, such as Crazed Alchemist, Novice Engineer, Wailing Soul, and Dark Iron Dwarf etc. This deck also has 3 Silence Minion - 1 Ironbeak Owl, and 2*Spellbreaker, Ancient Watcher + Ironbeak Owl is a great combo at the early game.

Now check out Kripp's coaching video below to learn more details of this deck.