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Funny to Play: Naxx Mill Rogue Deck

Artem Uarabei

Hello everybody, today I'm bringing you guys a bran-new Mill Rogue deck, which contains some naxx cards. Take a look at the deck below.

The Mill Rogue deck is built around the Coldlight Oracle to burn the opponent's cards in the deck, actually.

Well, since we've got many naxx cards after Naxxramas released, so this Mill Rogue deck is kind of a bran-new version, but the general idea is almost the same:
There are 2*Youthful Brewmaster, 2*Ancient Brewmaster and 2*Shadowstep as well as 2*Anub'ar Ambusher to cooperate with Coldlight Oracle. 2*Dancing Swords + Baron Rivendare is also a great help to burn the opponent's cards.

Besides,Sap and Vanish work very well to control board, especially when the opponent’s hand is full, these two spells become horrible board clear spells. The Vanish can also help you to return the Coldlight Oracle.

Now check out the highlight of this deck in the video below.