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Dota 2 Singapore tournament "First Blood League"


We are starting First Blood League - a series of regular Dota 2 tournaments in Singapore for amateur gamers.

It will be a fair fight: you will play against players of your level and not versus cruel pros.

First Blood League will give you a chance to test your skills on a real battlefield. You will play shoulder to shoulder next to your friends, feel the thrill of the fight and gain unforgetable experience.

Turn your everyday Dota 2 playtime into something real at the end of the day.

So, stand up, go to the Good Game Zone and fight a battle on 19 October, 10:00 am. Act now - just register:


  • $$8 SGD/player: $$40/team
  • Captains should register their team here

Enroll 19 October 10:00 am

Prize fund

  • 50% of entry fees
  • Top 3 certificates
  • 10 Click-Storm T-shirts



  • Brand new cyber cafe Good Game Zone.
  • 5 minutes from MRT Little India.
  • 89 Short Street, #B1-14 Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216








Enroll 19 October 10:00 am