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Competitive League of Explorers Budget Decks for All 9 Classes

Artem Uarabei

With each new expansion or adventure that's released in Hearthstone, it can feel more and more overwhelming for new players looking to catch up. League of Explorers has actually made it easier than ever to get competitive quickly, because it includes a ton of great cards around which solid decks can be built. If you've purchased the adventure and want to get started with a great deck, you've found the right article!

Each of the nine decks in this article were constructed with budget efficiency corey to their design. They only include free basic cards, League of Explorers cards, or crafted cards that cost a total of up to 500 arcane dust.

These decks were created to function in a variety of different meta games and typically line up with standard archetypes of each glass to give you a solid card collection and knowledge base that will help you grow as a player.

LoE Budget Beast Druid

LoE Budget Aggro Hunter

LoE Budget Mech Mage

LoE Budget Aggro Paladin

LoE Budget Control Priest

LoE Budget Deathrattle Rogue

LoE Budget Battle Mech Shaman

LoE Budget Aggro Warlock

LoE Budget Control Warrior