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Hearstone Season 21 Deck Guide: Gorilla Mech Mage

Artem Uarabei

Mech Mage has been an archetype that has existed ever since the begging of the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. It is a midrange deck that easy to learn and fun to play because of its “themed” base and minion synergy. In this article, I’ll be describing the updated version of this archetype, not “Forsen’s Mech Mage.”

Forsen did not create this deck archetype, all Forsen did was what everyone who liked to play Mech decks did: he integrated the only mech card that came out of The League of Explorers into a deck archetype that has existed for almost a year.

How to Play

This section is going to be a little short this week because there is already a myriad of information on how to play this archaic deck model: insert shameless plug here. Essentially, like most midrange decks, the goal should be to play the mana curve and drop a minion every turn to overwhelm the opponent. Unlike previous iterations of Mech Mage, the Gorrila Mech plays a bit slower which allows you to compete more often later into games.

Previously, the Mech Mage was a very aggressive deck that thrived off of snowballing the opponent into defeat around turn-6-7. Cards like the Clockwork Knight, Piloted Sky Golem, and of course the Gorillabot A-3 has evolved the Mech archetype to truly become a midrange deck that can compete in all stages of the game.

No longer will a Big Game Hunter destroying your Dr. Boom spell defeat, sticky mechs and amazing card draw from the Gorilla can now keep the mech archetype alive better than ever while still having the ability to precipitously overwhelm the opponent.

A Closer Look

Gorillabot A-3: This was the only mech to come out of The League of Explorers and if you strictly look at its base states you’d think it was garbage. Luckily it being a “mech” is not the only redeeming quality, the benefits this card can provide is endless and the “discover” mechanic deserves a write-up of its own.

The ability to draw cards is something the Mech Mage has desperately needed, as one of its biggest drawbacks has always been running out of steam in the mid-late stages of the game. Not only does the Gorillabot provide a draw mechanic, it provides you with luxury of a situational pick.

Clockwork Knight: The Clockwork Knight has always been a card that has been too slow to play for the mech archetype. Now, thanks to the Gorillabot, that has all changed. The ability to choose a cheaply costed minion later in the game with the Gorillabot allows you to cohesively combine the given card with the Clockwork Knight to create a strong mid-late game tempo-play.

That’s not to say that this card is a must include though, if you’re going up against a plethora of aggressive decks, I would think about teching-out this card in favor of a lesser costed minion or spell. This is still a very slow card and if you don’t have a minion on board, it’s a really bad card to be holding onto!

Additional Notes

Overall, I would have to say that this a run of the mill midrange deck, albeit a fun one. It is strong against most classes/archetypes and could be a deck to climb the ladder with. Personally, I’m partial to the Dragon Priest because I believe the core dragon synergy to be stronger than that of the mech synergy.

As long as the ladder is not littered with aggro decks then this should be something to check out as it provides a reliable structure to have fun with when climbing the ladder. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, make sure to leave them below!