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Vega withdraw from The Defense #5

Artem Uarabei

Vega has withdrawn from The Defense #5 citing scheduling issues. Taking the empty spot at The Defense #5's LAN finals will be 4CL&L.

Vega Squadron have withdrawn from The Defense #5 despite being a tie-breaker away from qualifying for The Defense #5's LAN finals. The reason attributed to the withdrawal is scheduling clashes between the Global eSports Cup's (GEC) LAN finals and The Defense #5's LAN finals; the LAN final of The Defense #5 is on the 5th and 6th of December exactly same dates as the GeC final stage that will take place at Dreamhack Moscow.

According to an article on Vega's website, the reason behind them choosing the GEC's LAN finals over The Defense #5's LAN finals is due to the former being the "first tournament of a kind in Russia and it's very important to show ourself [Vega] to people that live in the same city where our headquarters are situated."

As Vega had tied with 4Clovers & Lepricon in the qualifiers for The Defense #5's LAN finals, 4C&L will receive a default win in the tie-breakers and receive an invite to the LAN finals of The Defense #5. However, 4C&L might also withdraw from The Defense #5 as they have received a direct invite to the Global eSports Cup.