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Hearthstone Piggie Team League: six weeks of amazing 3v3 fights

Artem Uarabei

Piggie Team League

Piggie Team League (tournament lobby) is brought to you by randomsort. He will gather experienced Hearthstone teams from Europe and throw them into 3v3 battles for $300 to find the most skilled mages. Spells will be cast and blood will be spilled - that's for sure.

There will be six weeks of intense group battles and playoffs.

The format is best of eleven rounds, 3v3, like in the extremely popular ATLC (Archon Team League Championship).

If you want to participate, add cash prizes or watch matches, keep your eyes open and come here:

Or drop a personal message to randomsort.

The Format:


Each team will play each other ones. The matches will be best of eleven conquest. Three players from each team will play two classes. Each team can only bring each class once. If a player loses two matches in a row he will be “benched” and will not be allowed to play until another player from his team has won. The first team to win a game with each of their classes will win the match.

After each team has played the other teams, the top four teams will proceed to the playoffs.


The top four teams will play a double elimination bracket to determine the ultimate winner!

You can follow Pigs in Blankets here:

Join the pig-sty and suit up for some weeks of fantastic Hearthstone games!