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The 10 Worst Cards in Hearthstone

Artem Uarabei

A lot of Hearthstone cards aren't particularly good. Others are actually pretty bad. And then there are a handful that are so unbelievably horrific and unplayable that merely having them in your collection might make you a little worse at the game! These are the 10 worst cards in Hearthstone.

In the video below, I go into detail regarding the 10 worst cards in the game, and exactly what makes them so terrible in the first place. You'll be stunned how awful number 10 is, which means you're in for a real nightmare as you journey towards the number 1 most abysmal Hearthstone card out there!

If you're allergic to videos of miserable cards, here's a recap that won't leave you in boiling agony.

10. Cogmaster's Wrench
9. Argent Watchmen
8. Booty Bay Bodyguard
7. Kidnapper
6. Dalaran Mage
5. King's Defender
4. Magma Rager
3. Demonfuse
2. Coliseum Manager
1. Poisoned Blade

And there you have it, the very worst of the worst. Please don't put any of these cards in a deck unless you're trying to troll an opponent or win against unreasonable and unfavorable odds. These cards are all unplayable in the competitive scene, and could destroy your next arena run all on their own.

Think I missed a card on the list or screwed up the ranking? Let me know in the comments, because I'd love to hear your take on the 10 worst cards.