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Malaysia Gamers Gathering: photos from the event


Malaysian Gamers Gatherings took place in the heart of Kuala-Lumpur - on the 23rd and 24th levels of Maxis Tower. There were nice cozy booths for DOTA 2 1x1 and League of Legends 5x5 tournaments.

Also players could enjoy themselves playing board and console games. On the 24th floor there were ongoing lectures about esports and fun competitions.

I can't say there were really lots of gamers, but quite enough for that place and seems everyone enjoyed themselves.

An event was nice and I can say it was worth coming if you like esports and want to know more about it.

Organizer of the event is Esports Club from 5 different universities namely UNITEN, TARUC , UNIKL , UIA and UNIRAZAK. Guys from Garena and KISA Gaming also came and were in charge of the tournaments.

Setup for League of Legends tournament by Garena



Cozy place to play on PS4 by KISA Gaming






DOTA 2 1x1 room by KISA Gaming